Private Lessons with Daniel

I look forward to teaching people of all ages and skill level. The truth of the matter is that everyone who plays the Trumpet plays it for one reason and one reason only. That reason is to MAKE MUSIC. The other side of that truth is that everybody has obstacles that they face when trying to make music on the TRUMPET whether they are physical obstacles or purely mental. The teacher's job is not to teach the trumpet, but to teach the student. Everybody is different, so everyone needs to be taught differently. 

My goal as a teacher is for my students to see their trumpet disappear. When played correctly, the trumpet becomes an extension of the musician and playing is more like singing or whistling. It should feel natural. 

Because everybody is different, I can't put on the site exactly how I teach or what I teach, but here are a few general principles:

1. The student will learn to be well-rounded musically. 

I WILL teach some basic music theory. I WILL teach some music history (mostly in relation to trumpet and performance techniques). We WILL talk about composers, performers, and listen to recordings of some of the world's best musicians.

2. The student will learn to be proficient in all keys.

One of the biggest problems students run into when trying to make trumpet playing feel natural is that their fingers get in the way. Learning to play in all keys isn't hard. It's just something all players need to do in order to be comfortable in all situations.

3. The student will learn musicality.

Music is a form of communication much akin to body language. Words are anything but subtle, but with the right body language, a person can communicate many more feelings than we have words to describe them. In the same way, musicians need to learn to convey emotions, statements or stories through nuance, style and many other elements.

4. ...and the answer to the $100,000 question is: "Yes. I will help you with contest music."
When it comes to learning contest music, we will generally follow the plan outlined by Chris Roberts in his book "How to Make First Chair."
But, this will not be the main focus. By building musicality, the ability to read music well and by developing good practice habits, the student shouldn't need six months of work to make all-region band. I know that sounds crazy, but it's a lot like the proverb about giving a man a fish. "If you teach the student a piece of music, he has a piece of music. If you teach a student how to learn music, pretty soon they will be teaching the lessons!" 

If you are interested interested in lessons, contact me at

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